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This is a roughed out section on performing rituals for protection and for clearing space. They are here for handy reference when people ask for a recommendation on what to do in an emergency or on short notice.





(Courtesy of MoonLady News)




1)  Like attracts like – change the way you vibrate to change what you attract.


2)  The easiest way to change how you vibrate is to find things that make you happy and do them to maintain that feeling.


3)  In Wiccan Magic, the byword of intention is that : “ An you harm none, do what thy will.”  A priestess further elaborated on this by including  “Harm none, including yourself.” Then a friend of mine named Victor once made a comment to me about the Bible’s command to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”  by adding “…and by the way, love yourself, A LOT.”


4) Being able to step away from the problem objectively (divorcing oneself from ego) can aid in making more rational decisions and not acting out of anger.


5) If you are being attacked or influenced by someone you don’t want to be, take a picture of them or write their name on a piece of paper, wrap string or ribbon around the paper while repeating something like "I bind you (name) from doing harm". place it in a baggie and place it in the freezer.

This will reduce the energetic effect they have in your life by symbolically freezing their presence in your universe without harming them.


6) Witch’s Bottle – A protection amulet that is charged with your personal energy and then buried away from you to draw their fire to a false target.


 7) Caroline taught me a trick in addition to the Witch’s Bottle. Take a white piece of paper and a white pencil and write your intention in a continuous spiral outward from the center to the edges of the page. Then fold it up and keep it nearby for awhile.

 The white on white writing keeps it invisible and in theory will prevent your conscious mind from interfering. I used this when an ex-girlfriend was starting to send static my way a few years ago. The intention I wrote was for her to have a happy life – that way she would leave me alone without anyone being hurt. You are shooting for everything to be resolved in a positive manner.


8) Anyone who needs protection also needs healing. You need their permission to heal, however. Some use You are trying to achieve a meditative state and bring energy from heaven into your body before releasing it to the intended source.


9) Candles are good, usually 1-2 are all that is needed. Traditional colors for banishing negativity are actually black and brown. (for stronger cases, I understand) You can also carve/draw a rune of protection on them AND add a few drops of essential oil to the wick area to burn.


10) A recommended author for magic is Edain McCoy.


 11) An important precept of magic is not to get too hung up on the individual meanings of colors, aromas, and so forth such as red always means love, etc. What is important is it’s meaning to YOU. No two people relate the same way to their environment and everyone has their own “triggers for God Mode”.

 That is what most tools and rituals in magic are designed to do. To trigger, focus and even add drama to the ceremony so that you become more involved.


12)  Intention is everything, but try to be specific about how you would like the result to come to you, but not TOO specific about the outcome itself so that the cosmos has better flexibility to deliver. This may sound contradictory, but here is an example.


WISH A  -  I want a million dollars.

RESULT – Your spouse dies and you get the insurance payoff.  Not necessarily the best result. Being more specific helps.


WISH A Revised – I want a million dollars in such a way that no one is harmed.  

This is better, but the exact amount may constrain the universe.


WISH A Revision 2 – I want funding to travel freely as long as none are harmed.  

This gives more options and allows more opportunity.



Breathing - Virtually every magical tradition and a number of other stress relieving techniques all mention or focus on mastering  this simple function. It is very central to Yoga, Hawaiian Kahunaism and energy work. Since there are so many other resources and approaches to this on the Internet, I won't be got into actual methodology here. 

What I will comment is that you should be aware of how much our Western culture tends to discourage breathing deeply in social settings. From the corset to men's ties, there is a suspicious tendency for our clothing styles to stifle and restrict our movements and intake of air. Try inhaling and exhaling out loud in public, and watch all of the queer looks that you will get. People will ask: "You are sighing - what's wrong?"

In addition, it is a good idea to keep your breathing as clear as possible. Many of us suffer from chronic allergies and sinus trouble and we often dismiss it as being a low priority irritation. But even if we get accustomed to the discomfort without getting sick, I think we underestimate the long term cost to our well-being. And in magic & mediation where the breath is everything, I believe in having every edge possible.

I will use a nasal irrigation kit (such as the inexpensive sort sold by Neil Med) and take a Benadryl if I have to in order to have unrestricted breathing before beginning.



We take this universal solvent for granted, and many have switched to bottled water for taste and safety. But even in this league, not all water is created alike or is as good as the cleverly marketed container suggests. Here is a site that rates bottled water and gives chemical compositions with explanations on mineral effects.



Multi Vitamin

While I don't expect miracles with taking vitamins, at least you can make sure that you aren't getting health symptoms as a result of a blatant deficiency. There is evidence to suggest that taking many vitamins in excess of the RDA can be very helpful, though be careful not to overdose on A & D. I take Source of Life Liquid Supplement due to the overwhelming level of nourishment and rapid delivery.



This should almost go without saying, but most of us don't at least get out and walk on a regular basis. Aerobic activity is great for your system and mental health. You don't have to set records or work out heavily - consistency counts more than anything. Find a partner to work with for inspiration if you need to.






1) Gather all necessary materials and plan ritual


2) Cleanse yourself by taking a bath/shower and being grounded.


3) Protect yourself in white light or other means.


4) Select a central area of the house – intuition will give you an idea of the “energy center” of the structure. Here you can set up an altar or base of operations. This is where you can burn candles if you wish with the same ideas as above with carving/marking runes and adding essential oil. Use 1-2 again and they can both be the same color or different colors depending on what you intuit.


If a candle is within an enclosed container for safety, then you can also carry one with you. Probably the maximum you will need is 2 at the base and 1 mobile for a total of 3.


Crystals are also good to use – the kind doesn’t matter as long as it has meaning for you. You may also consider using Flash Paper to write an intent on before burning it up in one of the candles.


Not sure of sequence on that one.


OPTIONAL: Calling in the Elements


5) Smudge the house with sage and go all over the house with it. You may chant while doing this. Others may ring bells or goings in the corners.


6) Spread sea salt around, only small pinches in each room.


NOTE:  Parts 4 & 5 are considered the Banishing part of the space clearing.


7) Use Oil of Anointment / Protection on each opening including windows, vents and crawlspace areas. You can experiment with essential oils diluted in olive oil so that it goes further. Draw runes of protection on the jambs if possible as the paint is less likely to stain from the oil. If in doubt, try a small trial area first.


ELEMENTS OPTIONAL – if you called them in, then thank and then dismiss them.


8) Afterwards, dispose of candles and other consumed items. Crystals can be washed in sea salt water.


9) It might be good to find some reputable metaphysical stores in the area to find materials, talk to knowledgeable staff and so forth.




4 drops  Basil

3 drops Geranium

2 drops Pine

1 drop Vetivert

1/8 cup of base oil





The Witches' Bottle is a very powerful means of protecting your space. It is buried on your property (if you are an apartment dweller, you might try burying it in a potted plant at your door) in order to attract all negative things to it where it traps them. If you move, by all means, then dig it up and either destroy it or bring it to your new home.

from SPELL CRAFTS by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington and other sources


Witches Bottle for Protection

Gather rosemary, needles, pins and red wine. Fill a small jar with the first three, saying while you work:

Pins, needles, rosemary, wine;
In this witches bottle of mine.
Guard against harm and enmity;
This is my will, so mote it be!

Visualize these doing just that. When the jar is full, pour in the red wine. Then cap or cork the jar and drip wax from a red or black candle to seal. Bury it at the farthest corner of your property or put it in an inconspicuous spot in your house. Draw the banishing pentagram in the dirt above it. The witches bottle destroys negativity and evil ; the pins and needles impale evil, the wine drowns it, and the rosemary sends it away from your property.

Optional ingredients

Glass jar with metal lid
Sea Salt
3 bent rusty nails
razor blades
cactus spines
rose thorns
broken glass
1 egg
Rowanwood berries
Sealing Wax
3 drops of your blood
Urine instead of wine


Shopkeeper: Take this object, but beware, it carries a terrible curse! 

Homer: Ooooh, that's bad.

Shopkeeper: But it comes with a free frogurt! 

Homer: Ohhh, that's good. 

Shopkeeper:  However, the frogurt is also cursed.

 Homer: That's bad. 

ShopKeeper: But you get your choice of toppings.

Homer: That's good.  

ShopKeeper: The toppings contain potassium benzoate.  

(Homer stares at the shopkeeper, not comprehending what this means.) 

Shopkeeper: That's bad.

Homer: Can I go now?


"Treehouse of Horror III"

- The Simpsons


"But I reckon I got to light out for the Territory ahead of the rest, because Aunt Sally she's going to

adopt me and sivilize me, and I can't stand it. I been there before."


The Adventures of  Huckleberry Finn”

-Mark Twain


"Who are you?" he said 

To the woman before his eyes,

"I did not see you coming and so I'm quite surprised

To find that I can see the sky

Looking through your eyes"


"I came across the void" said she

As I'm a stranger here

I have made this moment

To whisper in your ear

A favor I must ask of thee

And so you draw near


She breathed herself like whiskey

Into his waiting brain

All in amazing turn

Asked the lady of her name

"You know me from your waking dreams

Of when you were a boy

I am the King of Elfland's Daughter."


Now friend will you drop everything and come away with me?"

I'll glimpse of her then across the sea

Come and join our fairy band in our dance under the tree


"I will" he said and took her hand

and so they journeyed far

And called the dance together 'tween the Daylight and the Dark

And if you should go seeking them

You'll find them dancing still


"She gave herself like whiskey, into his waiting heart
And in the end it mattered not, they came from worlds apart.
He a mortal man and she, quite something else again
She was the King of Elfland's Daughter."


"King of Elfland's Daughter"


Keepers of the Flame 1991