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Merlin's Ghost - Ghostly Gothic Photography by Madame X  Copyright 2006


Here, I list for reference the many magical traditions and schools of thought in the use of magic. I am not necessarily suggesting belief in any particular ideas, nor do I think that they negate or are in opposition to each other. I see a spectrum of overlap in many areas, and a few of these I have foreseen as up and coming cutting edge fields that I have invented terms for.

Another point to remember is that you can generally separate religious belief from magical practice. In theory, a Zen Buddhist can use elements of Feng Shui, Alchemy, Hermetic practice and so forth and still be a Zen Buddhist. But a number of practices are heavily intertwined with religion such as Voodoo and Wiccan.

My personal belief is that too many people get stuck on a single approach or tool, and to someone that has a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. Effective living is about being adaptable and flexible, like water - but I believe in having a large number of tools to call upon.



Chaos Magic

Occult Engineering, Technomancy, Urban Shamanism

Quantum Metaphysics


Hermetic (Golden Dawn) OTO


Shamanism (American Indian), Seid (pre-Christian Norse, Germanic)

Shapeshifting, Nagualism

Feng Shui & Geomancy (Sacred Geometry)

Tai Chi, Yoga, QiGong, Acupuncture, Reiki


Voodoo/Vodun, Hoodoo, Santeria, Palo Monte

Kabbalistic / Cabbalistic (Hebrew Mysticism)

Polynesian Kahunaism

Shadow, Night, Death Magic (Necromantic), Necromancy

Angel Magic, Fairy Magic, Stone Magick, Tree Magick, Image Magick, Knot Magick, Candle Magick, Wax Magick, Mirror Magick, Rain, Fog, and Storm Magick, Sea Magick


Gnostic Christianity

Wiccan (though this can come in very disparate flavors)   Stregha (as exemplified in the work of Raven Grimassi)

Pow Wow


“Do you know Magic? Can you utter the name of your soul

                and bring yourself back to light? Can you speak your destiny,

                         create life for yourself from yourself, as Temu created Ra?

                             From the light of your works do you know who you are?”


                                                                        -The Egyptian Book of the Dead


"Somewhere south of the border
Headin` for a doll serenade
Taking more than we oughta`
Shakin` off the masquerade
Lonely, she decided to see ya`
Get enough for her on the side
When the heat arrived at the motel
Whole town stayed inside


Some lie for love
Some lie for fame
Some lie for trust
Some lie in vain
Some lie for love
Some lie for gain
But I lie for you
In the pouring rain

Move on up to the Bayou
With the same old set of rules
You get nothin` for nothin`
And that`s a fact
When you`re tied to the ship of fools
Alice looking over her shoulder
Like a Chinese diplomat
Daring anyone to hold her
With a smile like a Cheshire cat


Shakin` to a halt on a Voodoo
Second oldest trick in the book
No one does it quite like you do
When you start you can never stop

...never stop

On my way to a séance
Met a gypsy renegade
Crossed my palm with silver
In my heart put a jagged stake"


"Some Lie 4 Love"  

Hollywood Vampires Album