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               Advanced Ghost Gear for Paranormal Investigation by SPI         


Shadow's Edge eBook from SPI      $15


  • Saves money by directing you to the best equipment and merchants!

  • Including approximate prices and model numbers!

  • Saves time in organizing your quest for the tools your team needs to document evidence!

  • The LATEST information and up to date unlike many other ghost books which are often years old.

  • Written by a veteran degreed technician with an engineering background and over 20 years of experience in electronics and computers.

  • Numerous tips on the proper use of gear in the field of paranormal investigation.

  • Nearly 90 pages of information in almost 20 chapters!

  • Includes dozens of pages of info not found on the SPI website!

  • Organized logically by chapter and topic which makes finding the information you need easy.


NOTE: This is an eBook, which means that it comes in electronic format ONLY at this time. You can print it off yourself if you like, but you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (FREE) to open it.

Pay through the button below, and you will receive your copy by email within a day or so.




 Advanced Ghost Gear Book + Ghost Forms  $30  ( a $40 value)

Modern Methods in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) Book $10  (discount with bundled publications)


Learn the secrets of choosing the best EVP equipment setup!

How do you communicate in real time with spirits?

Handy reference charts!

All right here!


Combo Prices











Kenbria Swan

Featured Atriad Press Author

Haunted Encounters: Real Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences

Haunted Encounters: Personal Stories of Departed Pets

Haunted Encounters: Ghost Stories From Around the World

Haunted Encounters: Departed Family and Friends

Prepare for a Haunted Encounter!

In the mood for a ghost story or two? Then you've come to the right place - the Haunted Encounters series of books features ghost stories on every topic that you can imagine, sweeping around the world from almost every continent in the globe.

Ghosts manifest themselves in many different ways, and the Haunted Encounters series is full of varied experiences. Click on the graphic above to order the following titles:


Haunted Encounters - Real Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences

Real people. Real Stories. Real haunted encounters. Delve into authentic tales of the supernatural, as told by the people who lived them. Forty-six stories of the unknown; some will touch you, others will make you smile, and many will make you want to sleep with the lights on.


Haunted Encounters - Personal Stories of Departed Pets

Sometimes there is an occasional visit from the departed friend: the nudge of a cold nose, the familiar click-click-click of their toe nails on the wooden floor, or the musical jingle of their tags in an empty hallway. Curl up on the couch, pull your furry friends up around you, and get ready for the most unique book of true ghost stories that you’ve ever read.


Haunted Encounters - Ghost Stories from Around the World

England, Japan, Ireland, India, Canada, The Philippines, Germany, Australia, Scotland, Italy, Hungary, America... Countries from every corner of the globe, all sharing a common thread: Ghosts! The people who lived these tales take you through each one in their own words. Their thoughts, their feelings, and the spirits who crossed over into their lives.


Haunted Encounters: Departed Family and Friends

Some of the most emotional ghost stories involve family and friends who have departed from us in death, but pay an occasional visit to those who loved them most. This book will give you a tear on one page and a chuckle on the next as you share the intimate stories with the people who actually had the experiences. Although this is a book of ghost stories, it is a celebration of the lives of these departed family and friends - both the one that they had on Earth, and the one that continues on in another realm.