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The coming fusion of technology, design and medicine with metaphysics is an exciting revolution that will undoubtedly rival or exceed that of the Renaissance, but it is easy to be led astray by half-baked theories, egomaniacs, political agendas and commercial interests. I list a number of what I consider to be trustworthy sources and guides in these uncertain times to hopefully make things a little easier.


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What the Bleep Do We Know

The Elegant Universe with Brian Greene

The Power of Myth series with Joseph Campbell & Bill Moyers

American Beauty

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Donnie Darko


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I Heart Huckabees

The Gods Must Be Crazy






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Drawing the Three of Coins: How to Open and Run a Pagan Store   by Terri Paajanen

1892718537    -  156 pages    $14.95      Published  July 2005


Psychic Protection by Ted Andrews available at most major online bookstores.

I actually found this in the local library and started thumbing through it. The more I read, the more I liked. He talks a lot about common sense approaches to applying "New Age" concepts and avoiding some of the fruitcake ideas out there. I include this selection because being involved with paranormal research means that you will soon be wading through a torrent of bullshit and it's important to discern what works and what is baloney. 

I have had some background in mythology, energetics and spirituality, and what Mr. Andrews says is dead on the money about a helluva lot of things and it's related in a very down to earth, stone cold sober fashion. I'm a little twitchy about certain aspects of ceremonial magic, (and cannot officially endorse it) but some of the protection tools he advocates sound pretty good to me and I mention them on my Spiritual Safety page. I was blown away by his spirit classification chapter and I applaud his advocating of personal responsibility. Another must read for investigators who need to know the risks of what they are getting themselves into. 

ISBN1888767308  -  358 pages  $12.95


Monsters - An Investigator's Guide To Magical Beings by John Michael Greer available almost anywhere.

An INCREDIBLE book which provides some very fresh insight into the nature of a great many creatures of legend and horror. Very well researched and written, it cuts through the BS factor very well and gives a lot of practical, sound advice in a field normally thought to be populated by nut cases. Mr. Greer is also a ceremonial magician, and while some of the techniques and methods in here may not be for those of a fundamentalist bent, they sure make for some interesting reading. Again, I cannot fully endorse the use of magic as such because I am still in the process of discerning what is appropriate and what isn't. 

ISBN 0738700509  - 282 pages  $19.95

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